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  • Real Name: Lady Naimah
  • Mother: Azazela
  • Father: Xandaros, Demon of the Third Order
  • Origins: Magic
  • Skills: Command of Dark Powers - Manipulation of Kinetic Energy

  • Naimah is the demon spawn born to the Heroine Azazela after she was brutally attacked by Xandaros and his legion. Unable to bring herself to destroy her own child, Azazela weaned her and sent her to live at a convent-run orphanage. Xandaros then manifested himself in human form, masquerading as a priest, and stole the child away, leaving her to be raised by his earthly minions in a network of caves deep beneath the earth. She was given over to the vile general of Hell, Deathwynd, to be trained towards her service to the armies of the Dark One. Deathwynd proved a cruel master who tortured her mercilessly until he broke the bonds to her human form, unleashing her power as she became fully demonic. Her hatred towards humanity and her resentment at the perceived betrayal of her mother to the cause of the Legions of Hell drove her a final, tragic confrontation. She follows the dictates of Xandaros, her father, and serves the demonic cause both in battle and as a temptress of weak human males, taking up the role that her mother refused. In an epic battle in Sirens Call, she killed Marcus, and was defeated by her half-sister Adara Westmarch. Before he fell to his death, Marcus used a powerful arcane relic to bind Naimah to servitude to Adara until the end of time. She now resides in the Rogue Isles, but is forbidden to harm any innocent.

    Dr. Maritus

    Doctor Maritus

  • Real Name: Donald Maritus
  • Mother: Abigail LeVeaux, a lady of the evening
  • Father: Frank Maritus, a small-time con artist
  • Origins: Magic, bestowed after striking a deal with Lady Naimah
  • Skills: Domination, Mind Control, Psionic strengths
  • From his humble beginnings following in his shyster father's footsteps, it was clear that Donald had a charisma that lured the naive to him. He made his living scamming wealthy women, using his dubious credentials as a psychiatrist to gain their trust. One victim proved to be just a bit more saavy than he'd anticipated, and she gathered enough evidence to earn him a long vacation in the Ziggursky Penitentiary. A subsequent jailbreak courtesy of the forces of Arachnos brought the doctor to the Rogue Isles, where he met the demoness known as Naimah. She offered to enhance his mortal skills of deception by demonic magic, and a dark alliance was formed. She later sent the succubus Dark as Syn to serve the doctor as his right hand aide. In return, Lady Naimah is given full use of the skills of all the doctor's underlings. Maritus founded the organization known only as "The Betrothed" though some say he is merely a puppet and it is Naimah who pulls the strings. It is his dream to someday rise to power and subjugate the entire world to his evil will. He currently presides as president and CEO of the Imperium Mind Clinic, a pseudo-mental health facility that is a front for his organization and a venue for his drug distribution network.

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