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~:: Conversion - Chapter II ::~

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She felt him land on her full force, and instantly she felt herself flipped to her back. Her head hit the hard floor and bounced hard, protected only by her thick horns. Screaming out in pain, she felt him tear her clothing from her like it was made of paper. Her senses were all overloaded with a feeling of hopelessness, and agony, as she struggled to summon the strength to fight back.

Roughly shoving a knee between her tightly clenched thighs, he brought it up hard. The impact on her most tender area made her breath catch. She tried to scream, but couldn't find her voice. Bearing down his weight, he made it nearly impossible for her to breathe as she writhed beneath him. He let out a sadistic laugh. Forcing both his knees between her legs, the pushed them apart and aligned himself to impale her.

She clenched her fists so hard she felt her nails dig into the flesh in the palm of her hands, tearing her own flesh. Grasping for the last shred of control she once again tried to invoke her inherent powers in an effort to fight back, but she just didn't have it left within her. The human half of her drained every bit of energy with its genetically programmed fight for survival. Closing her eyes tightly, she screamed inwardly as he drove himself without mercy into her untouched depths.

The initial pain was nothing compared to what she'd already been through, but for some reason it still brought tears stinging to her eyes. The urge to allow her anger and hatred to explode was strong. She was being weakened both emotionally and physically. How much longer can I hold this back, she asked herself.

In a quiet room, a small figure sat silently contemplating her current state of contentment. Her mate had come to her in the cool of the night, and she was sated and a bit sleepy. As she curled her legs up to her belly, the placid fog of sleep began to coddle her. She dozed, blissfully, until…

A shrill scream broke through her consciousness. She jumped to her feet, and looked around. She was still alone in her room. Perhaps she was just having a nightmare, but then again, for her it was never 'just a nightmare'. It was always a harbinger of some cataclysmic event. Then the scream ripped through her mind once more, and she realized the voice belonged to her sister.

Summoning energies from within, she tried to open the empathic link between her sister and her own mind, but only got a very hazy picture of what was going on. She felt dread fear, and intense pain. Tears stung her eyes. She tried to force her sister to open her eyes and look around, so that she could see through her eyes, but to no avail. A sudden white-hot flash of burning pain tore through the center of her being, and she knew at once what was happening.

She cried out in anguish, and called a name into the silent night air. A bright light filled the room, and a stunning creature stood before her, nodding his head.

"You do not need to explain.' He raised his hands to her head, and then disappeared.

Under the brutal assault, the young female struggled to survive the forceful blows with which her captor struck her again and again, as he forced himself into her very aching body so deeply she felt he was assaulting her very soul. The cave floor had never felt so cruel and hard as it felt like she was being pounded down into it from within. Her eyes burned as they tried to cry tears that were not yet formed. Then everything went bright red, for she'd clamped her eyes shut tight, as a blinding light lit up the cavern.

She felt a wave of cool air rush over her flaming skin, and opened her eyes to see the most beautiful creature she'd ever seen standing over her. He spoke to her mind, without words. "They cannot see or hear me," he told her. "But I am here for you." She nodded wordlessly, unable to speak. Tears of gratitude suddenly flooded her eyes. The Guardian of her sister had been sent to protect her.

"I cannot prevent what they are doing, but I can mitigate the outcome of their deeds." He gazed into her eyes, which were dull and glazed from the constant pain. He placed his hand on her flaming forehead, and instantly she felt relief. Pressing her temples, he brought a soothing peace to her mind, and blocked the overwhelming pain.

The creature atop her felt her relax, and for a split second, he thought she'd fled her human body, and left it to die. Bending down, he bit her on her shoulder, and tasted a copious flow of fresh blood. Looking into her eyes, he saw they were half open, with an expression of calm, and realized something else was going on. His mission was failing. "She cannot withstand this on her own," he screamed, grunting his words, as he never ceased from driving violently into her limp form. "Someone is helping her!"

"Most likely the other child, m'lord," the closest minion hissed.

"Ahhh…the redeemed one, the child of the vow," he roared. "Quickly, go and find her."

With that, the room cleared out and it was just him, atop her, driving himself into her with such fury that it almost knocked the breath out of her with each brutal thrust. She drew a deep breath, and looked up at the Guardian. "You must return and protect her," she cried, knowing what this was going to mean for her, when he left. He locked eyes with hers, and spread his magnificent wings. He stretched out his hands, and looked skyward, and as a flash of white-hot light lit up the darkness of the cavern, he was gone.

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