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Everlasting and Torchbearer

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VuDu DawL

  • Real Name: DeLara Mandana
  • Mother: Shanabethe Mandana
  • Father: Azazel, Demon of the Second Order
  • Origins: Magic
  • Skills: Empathy - Healer
    Electrical Blast

  • VuDu DawL is the daughter of one of the Ageless Ones. Her mother is a sibyl who is keeper of the 7th Oracle, and one who has a Pure Heart. Her mother prophesied against the demon Azazel, drawing his anger, upon which he attacked her in retaliation. DeLara was born as a result of that attack. She arrived in Paragon City in November of 2004, and was soon found crying for help in Perez Park by a scrapper named Keres, who became her career-long partner. A bit of a wild one, she has five children by three fathers. Zakai is her firstborn son, fathered by a handsome scrapper. Mark (Golden Tan) Church, James (Golden Song) Church, fathered by Miles (Golden Ace) Church, and the twins, fathered by Bloodwynd, Sheken and Appolion. She achieved Security Level 50 on May 31, 2005, by the side of her partner Keres, and in the midst of a crew of fellow Canteen Warriors. She has now settled down, and is retired. She lives with her son Zakai, and her mate in an apartment out on Talos Island.


  • Real Name: Zakai Mandana
  • Mother: DeLara Mandana aka VuDu DawL
  • Father: Rumored to be a certain Spines/Regen Scrapper
  • Origins: Born Magic however fused with a Kheldian energy being, which instead gave him Natural power abilities.
  • Skills: Shapeshifting
    Energy attacks
  • Zakai was born to VuDu DawL after spending a passionate night alone in the Arena with a certain scrapper. The child did not survive a rather difficult birth, and his mother was so weakened by the ordeal that she could not save him. A Kheldian had been watching from nearby, and offered to fuse with the child. DawL quickly consented, and the child become a host to the kind energy being. The fusion gave him abilities like shapeshifting into other forms, and the ability to use the pure energy of his Kheldian half to blast his foes. He lives with his mother, while he continues his studies, and trains to become a better hero.


  • Real Name: Sheken Mandana
  • Mother: DeLara Mandana aka VuDu DawL
  • Father: Bloodwynd aka Blood Prime
  • Origins: Magic
  • Skills:
    Dark powers and Psionic prowess

  • Sheken is the only daughter of VuDu DawL, born of a passionate, forbidden tryst with the angel known as Bloodwynd. She is the female of a set of fraternal twins, the male child having been stolen away by the demon prince Deathwynd. Sheken was raised in Talos Island by her mother and became a willful and stubborn child. That stubborn streak tends to get her in an inordinate amount of trouble. After being kidnapped and taken to the Rogue Isles by ornder of Naimah in an attempt to distract her mother from being able to save Azazela, she was ordered killed to prevent the fulfilling of a prophecy surrounding her and her twin brother, the villainous Appolion. Her assassin found he couldn't not carry out his orderds and fled with Sheken back to Paragon City, where he faced charges for his part in her assault. Once released, she forgave him and they became lovers, much to the chagrin of her mother.

    Marcus Vespa

    Steel Wasp

  • Real Name: Marcus Vespa
  • Mother: Maria Vespa
  • Father: Unknown
  • Origins: Magic powers granted by the succubus who seduced him into a vile servitude, but later helped him break free and escape to Paragon City
  • Skills: Ninja/ katana
  • Marcus was a troubled child growing up in the rough environment of the inner city. When his mother was beaten to death by her cruel pimp, he vowed revenge, and spent his teenage years training in martial arts in order to exact his revenge. After avenging his mother, he decided to dedicate his life to becoming an assassin. He was later ironically arrested for a burglary he did not commit and sent to the Zig. During his stay there, Arachnos forces attacked and freed a large portion of the prison population, taking them to the Rogue Isles to find which among them would prove to be "Destined". He was approached by Syndi Johansson after he sought help at the Imperium clinic for the nightmares that plagued him. She used her demonic power to imbue him with preternatural skills, enhancing his ability to pursue his nefarious career. The Doctor made extensive use of Marcus and his skill as an assassin, eliminating foes and competitors alike until on Naimah's orders, Marcus was ordered to kidnap and execute Sheken Mandana, daughter of the heroine known as VuDu DawL. Finding he could not complete the task, Marcus defected to Paragon City, where he was incarcerated for his part in the kidnapping and sexual assault of the young girl. Sheken had awakened in him emotions that he never thought he could feel, and turned his life around. Though he occasionally stealthily visits the Rogue Isles, he has turned his life around and assumed the role of a hero in Paragon City. Now married to his former would-be victim, he lives with her and the kind succubus that saved them both in a devoted relationship.


  • Real Name: Azazela
  • Mother: Chrysis Apokalita, Priestess of Azazel
  • Father: Azazel, Demon of the Second Order
  • Origins: Magic
  • Skills: Spells of Illusion
    Empathy - Healer
  • Her mother was an Amazon Priestess, later found to be herself a Nephilim (demon/human hybrid), making Azazela less than one sixteenth human. Her father was the demon Azazel. Eschewing the wickedness of her parents, Azazela sought refuge in the caverns beneath Paragon City. Found by her half-sister, she tended to shun contact with humans. One of her father's princes, Xandaros, attacked her in an attempt to force her to submit to her father's evil will. Azazela bore a female child, the demoness Naimah, of whom she rarely speaks, as a result of this attack. Her early career as a hero was largely solitary, with a few exceptions. She was befriended by an empath who was bound by magic to servitude. She placed upon him a spell of protection, so that he might never be abused. She then spent time under the tutelage of a kind Tanker. He later left on a hiatus, and returned in the company of a new partner. Azazela found a steadfast partner in a brave Warshade. They achieved Security Level 50 together, on April 13, 2006. She spent much of her time battling evil, both in Paragon City, and even unto the gates of Hell. Later, she was ambushed by her wicked firstborn, Naimah, and Xandaros. She died at their hands, and was taken before the Creator, who pardoned her for her good works upon the earth during her lifetime. She is now an angel, watching over the weak and innocent, and guiding young Adara as she grows up to be a hero.

    Adara Westmarch

  • Real Name: Adara Westmarch
  • Mother: Azazela
  • Father: Cale Westmarch, Archmage
  • Origins: Magic
  • Skills:
    Kinetic energy manipulation
    Command of Dark powers
  • Adara is the daughter of Azazela and her partner Cale Westmarch, who is also known as the hero Dark Cenotaph since his fusion with the Nictus Balregu. Her demonic origins caused the girl to develope skills at manipulating kinetic energies from a very early age, and the ability to command negative energy from being exposed to the dark quantum energies of her father while she was still in utero. She lives with her mother in Kings Row although, at the urging of her father, she was sent off to study at a boarding school for mystic studies in Salamanca.

    Silky Kitty

  • Real Name: Shandra Cameron
  • Mother: Unknown
  • Father: Unknown
  • Origins: Human bestowed with Magic talisman
  • Skills: Wields a mean Katana
    Spells of Invulnerability
  • Shandra, or Shandie, as DawL affectionately calls her, was an orphan. A tough girl who grew up streetwise, she stood up for herself and those around her. She danced in strip clubs to earn her way through college until one night, coming home late from classes, she was jumped by a gang of thugs. Her guardian angel, in the form of VuDu DawL appeared, scattering her assailants, and befriending the young girl. She lived with DawL for a time, during which she was given a talisman that granted her magical powers, and lots of lessons in being a courageous warrior, courtesy of Azazela. She now joins the sisters in fighting evil all over Paragon City and beyond. Once incredibly footloose, wild, and free with her affections, she was tamed by a Stalker, who asked her to marry him. He disappeared one night, and she still waits, faithfully, for the day he returns...


  • Real Name: Samantha Grigsby
  • Mother: Catherine Grigsby
  • Father: Harry Grigsby
  • Origins: Born human however fused with the Nictus formerly known as Krinalle, which gave her the dark quantum powers of a Warshade.
  • Skills: Shapeshifting
    Dark Quantum attacks
  • Samantha traveled to Paragon City to attend nursing school at the university. She possessed none of the special powers to become a hero. She did, however, have a kind and compassionate heart. She knew from the time she was a child that she wanted to help others. One night, after an exhausting day of classes and clinical labs, she dropped into a deep sleep. Some time during the night, she was approached by a frightened Nictus, who was seeking refuge from those who would destroy her. She must have sensed Sam's gentle, giving nature. Begging the human girl to save her, she said the only way she could survive was to find a human host. Samantha could sense the terror this beautiful creature was feeling, and without any thought of her own wants or safety agreed to allow the being to fuse with her human body. In a moment that she would later describe as intensely beautiful and yet strangely frightening, the two beings became one entity. Now having access to Krinalle's thoughts and memories, Samantha was horrified to find how much she'd suffered. She vowed to help the being within her continue the good fight, no matter what the cost might be. As a gesture of love towards the Nictus with whom she bonded, she adopted the being's own name, Krinalle, when she proudly registered as a Hero in Paragon City. The wise and skilled Warshade Conventus has shown Sam how to connect with Krinalle so that they might be able to work as one. He teaches her in the ways of the Warshade, helping the being known now only as Krinalle to be the best Warshade she can be.


  • Real Name: Avidan Ben 'Elohyim
  • Mother: none
  • Father: none
  • Origins: Magic
  • Skills:
    Focused Energy blasts
    Avidan is an angel that was sent to Paragon City along with his sister, Ziva. Assuming human form, he watches over the citizens of Paragon City. The true reason for his sudden appearance remains a mystery. He is most often found in the company of fellow hero, Vizjeri, a skilled empath who watches over Avi.
  • Ziva

  • Real Name: Ziva Ben 'Elohyim
  • Mother: none
  • Father: none
  • Origins: Magic
  • Skills:
    Illusion and Kinetic energy control
  • Ziva arrived in Paragon City along with her brother, Avidan. Though her true purpose may be a mystery, she devotes her time to watching over those who are weak and helpless.


  • Real Name: Karishka Shirazi
  • Mother: unknown
  • Father: unknown
  • Origins: Magic
  • Skills:
    Stone armor
    Focused energies
  • Karishka was born and abandoned near the gates to the palace of a wealthy sheik. She was taken in by a poor couple who raised her then sent the beautiful girl to the sheik in hopes she'd have a better life. She became one of his most favored consorts, and she enterained him nightly with her beautiful singing and exotic dancing. The rest of the harem became jealous, and one of her rivals plotted to find a way to have her destroyed. By bringing false charges of unfaithfulness against the girl, her rival was able to succeed in having Karishka stoned to death. The young girl cried out as she became buried beneath a rain of stones. A demon was passing by and heard her cries. He was entranced by her sweet voice and used his power to rescue her from certain death. But as he blasted the rocks from around her body, the demonic energy caused the molecules within the stone to fuse with her own body. He tried to lure her into serving him, but a half-demoness known as DeLara happened upon them, and intervened on the girl's behalf. Using her feminine wiles, she coerced the demon into freeing the young girl and she took Karishka with her back to her home in Paragon City, where she became a hero, serving the citizens of that fair city.

    Dark as Syn

    Dark as Syn

  • Real Name: Syn
  • Human Identity: Syndi Johansson
  • Mother: None
  • Father: None
  • Origins: Succubus
  • Skills: Seductive powers of darkness
    Commands dark miasma
  • A "minor" demon, Syn is a succubus created to seduce and corrupt humans. She was assigned the earthly duty of serving Doctor Maritus by Lady Naimah, a ranking princess in Hell's Hierarchy. Unknown to her peers she resents the cruel ways of Naimah and her cohorts, and secretly befriended Azazela and her family. She was tasked by the Doctor with recruiting villainous talent to his organization, and keeping the troubled assassin that she seduced into joining the Betrothed in step. In human form, she served as the receptionist and the Doctor's right-hand aide at the Imperium Clinic. However, she used her skills and powers to undermine the vile doctor at every opportunity. She managed to save the assassin and his almost-victim from the clutches of Naimah and the doctor. Her fate took a turn for the worse when she was ordered to betray someone that she simply could not bring herself to betray. She was marked for death and quickly left the Rogue Isles. She was taken in by the very couple she saved, and became part of their devoted relationship as the third aspect of their loving triad. She joins them in fighting for good.

  • Frozen Warmth

    Frozen Warmth

  • Real Name: Alexandra Locke
  • Mother: unknown
  • Father: Unknown
  • Origins: Cursed by Lady Naimah with the powers of the extremes of Hell
  • Skills: Ice/Fire(thermal)
  • Alexandra was abandoned on the steps of the Children of Ramah orphanage as a baby. When she was just a young girl, she was stolen by the demoness Lady Naimah, taken to Port Oakes in the Rogue Isles, and hidden in the lair of The Betrothed, the villainous group run by the vile Dr. Maritus. He was grooming Xandra to be another of his minions, but the kind succubus helped young Xandra escape. She was hidden by the Widow Megaira, also known as Megan Kingston, who helped raise the young girl while keeping her hidden from the doctor and his bumbling minions. Xandra had always wanted to be a hero and had actually been sneaking off to Paragon City on the weekends to moonlight as the mysterious heroine Frozen Warmth, since she was in middle school. Megan bought her her first hero costume for her 13th birthday. When Megan moved to Paragon City full time, she and Xandra moved in with Marcus, Sheken and Syn while she got on her feet. Alexandra has become best friends with Sheken's younger cousin, Adara Westmarch and the two girls often work together.