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Chapter I

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This was the part of her work that she enjoyed the most. It was her raison d'etre, as it were. She was literally created for moments such as this. And as such, she reveled in their glory, if the term glory could be applied to such dark and evil deceptions.

He had awakened from an unusually erotic dream that he couldn't seem to fully remember to find her seeking refuge at his door. He squinted against the cruel glare of the sun as he sullenly bade her enter. His foggy mind fought to clear the thick cobwebs of sleep from the corners of his consciousness. As she slipped into his abode, the sweet aroma of her pheremones assailed his senses. Instantly he felt a compelling urge to take her. There had never been so much as an untoward thought towards her before this moment. In fact, their relationship had always been in the strictest sense a professional one due to his thinly veiled irritation at her arrogant, demanding nature.

He could not fathom the reason behind this sudden present urging but his conscious thought seemed to be powerless to control it. All he knew was that she was here now and all he could smell was the scent of her. It was so strong that he imagined he could taste it. He was suddenly drawn to her by a need he could not fully understand that he blamed on the latent arousal caused by his waking dream. She wordlessly shed what little clothing she wore and pressed his body down upon his own bed as she covered his hard mouth with her full, soft lips.

She needed no guidance or encouragement. It was almost as if she knew exactly what he wanted. With smooth fluid movements, she rendered him as naked as she was. She slowly ran her nimble fingers firmly over his supple muscles, kneading with just enough pressure to make him moan aloud. Once she had his entire body relaxed to the point where he felt like so much putty in her hands, her lips and teeth took over her duties. She thoroughly explored every single inch of his body using only her satin lips, her smooth fangs, and her hot velvet tongue.

What seemed like an eternity passed as he writhed at the hands of her exquisite torture. He'd long since lost track of the passage of the hours as his thoughts focused only upon the intensity of her attentions. She used her demonic skills to stimulate his very being in mind, body, and soul. She pleasured him in ways he'd never imagined possible. His experiences with the feminine gender had been limited of late to an occasional chance encounter in one of the seedier establishments in the Port Oakes harbor district. These usually involved a fairly mediocre performance followed by an exchange of cash. It was an exciting deviation to encounter this creature who seemed to center her existence upon finding creative ways to inflict her sensual ministrations upon him in a most protracted manner.

She guided him onto his back and straddled him as the shadows of eventide began to seep around them into the room. Her pale white skin fairly glowed in the gathering darkness as she hovered over him like some obscenely beautiful spectral wraith.

Droplets beaded upon his forehead as his breathing became labored. She raked her talons lightly over his sweat-slick flesh and reared back with a sinister smile flickering across her exotic features. "I need something from you," she whispered huskily as she bore down impaling herself upon him. To his lust-glazed eyes, she looked hellishly stunning as her creamy skin glowed in the fading orange light of the waning sunset that filtered softly between the shutters on his darkened windows.

He was so close at this point that he was ready to promise her anything. His body, his soul, anything she wanted - just so long as she'd bring this to completion and give him the sweet release he now craved with every fiber of his being.

"There is a deed, one that requires a certain...finesse..." Her words flowed from her lips like drops of honey.

"Of course," he panted hoarsely. "Have I ever denied you my assistance?" Of course, he did not need to add that his bonds of servitude to Doctor Maritus pretty much precluded him refusing her the use of his skills.

"Mmm..." She murmured seductively as she brought her face close to his. "No, you have not. This time, however, it will involve a rather unpleasant task. However, if I have your agreement in the matter, we shall discuss the details... after..." her words trailed as she licked her lips seductively. He nodded, sealing his pact with a deep kiss as his tongue delved into the searing heat within her velvet mouth.

The moment of his release came quite explosively. It went on so long that he thought for a moment that she intended to drain him of every last bit of his life essence by slowly milking it from his loins in continuous spasms of unearthly pleasure. His only thought at that time was not one of self-preservation nor one of fear, but rather simply "What a wonderful way to go."

As he struggled to remain on the verge of consciousness, she held his drained and gasping body to her soft, ripe breasts and gently soothed him as he slowly recovered from the intensity of their passion.

After a short time of holding him gently, she pulled him from the tendrils of sleep that were threatening to engulf him. The dark glow of false dawn was creeping upon the horizon as his eyes flickered open and tried to focus on the eerie glow of her own fathomless black orbs. "We must talk business now, for soon I must beg my leave until you summon me once more."

He nodded as he stretched sleepily and sat up in his bed. "Of course I will assist you. What is it you need? Some powerful talisman discreetly pilfered from the depths of Oranbega? A rival quietly dispatched?"

"This is not so easy as that. I need you to find one particular foe," Her normally smooth voice took on a decidedly vicious edge as she added, "and eliminate them."

"Simple enough," he replied, casually. "You've worked with me enough to know that I am more than capable of this. My talents as a discreet assassin are proven."

She found his male arrogance to be truly grating at times. However, at this point, she needed him. She closed her hollow black eyes and smiled, perfectly masking her irritation as her voice took on an ominous tone. "This may not be quite so simple. Your target is now young and weak, but is the object of a formidable prophecy."

The word made him shudder. He'd never put much stock in talk of this crazy mystical nonsense, until his chance encounter with the doctor and his lovely succubus changed his entire perspective on those type of mystical things that he would rather not even acknowledge as reality.

She caught the flash of chill that crossed his features for a nanosecond, before he managed to reassert the tight control over his emotions that was his stock in trade. In a silken voice, she continued.

"Several years ago a Nephilim, which is a human and demon hybrid, gave birth to twins. One of the Host of the Creator sired these children. The accursed beings are direct descendents of Azazel, who was the second in command in the hierarchy of the Legions of Hell. Azazel was defeated and imprisoned by our sworn enemy, the warrior Raphael. At one time, the Dark One himself sought to free him but through the meddling of the parents of these accursed twins and their cohorts, we were beaten before we could break the bonds and loose the powerful demon from his prison. The prophecy foretells of a day when the male twin will arise to kill his father. And with our help, the two Nephilim who are daughters of Azazel shall also be destroyed. One of these," she paused and grimaced as if she suddenly found something very bitter and distasteful upon her tongue, "is she who bore me. According to the prophecy, the only one who can stop us from realizing this victory is the female twin. The girl will wage battle against us at the side of her mother. She is especially dangerous as she draws upon the power of the forces of darkness and a command of psionic forces. I need to see to it that she does not reach the age of her awareness, when she should realize her full potential and thus have the means to defeat her brother."

He cast a suspicious glare in her direction. "You want me to whack a CHILD?" he asked her incredulously, as a sick feeling settled in the pit of his stomach.

She shot him a look that could have been either a sardonic smile or a thinly veiled demonic snarl. "She is far from being a mere child. And until she is out of the way, we cannot eliminate her parents, nor the one who bore me, in order to gain the power we need to release Azazel from his bonds."

"Why do you want to send me? Are there none of your demonic associates who could do the job just as easily?"

Shaking her head, she looked deep into his eyes. "You have given me your pledge to do this thing. You are not trying to worm your way out of our bargain, are you now?"

His lips curled in a derisive laugh. "Of course not. I will do as you ask. I am just curious as to why you have involved me in your little plot."

"There are a few issues..." she began, hesitantly. "One being that the girl is forbade leaving the relative safety of Paragon City. Her foolish mother knows full well of the prophecy and seeks to avoid facing the consequences. I am in need of someone who can steal into Talos Island while remaining undetected. That, little human, is where you come in. You have been granted the power to alter others' perception and awareness of you. This makes you the perfect candidate to succeed at retrieving the girl. Another issue is that the child will soon be able to beat us at our own game. She bears the powers of her father, who is a destroying angel who is loyal to the Creator. She must be dispatched in a fast and efficient manner. If anyone can accomplish this feat, I feel that it will be you."

There were many things about her words that made him more than a little uneasy. He was a highly skilled assassin. Granted, his trade wasn't one that he could place on a resume, but nonetheless he was good at what he did and he took his reputation seriously. One of his trademark skills was his ability to operate under the radar. His ability to move about unnoticed was a valuable asset to an assassin of his caliber. His natural abilities had been enhanced by the demonic powers of a certain tiny demoness in return for his servitude to Doctor Maritus and now he was quite able to go just about anywhere without anyone being any the wiser.

Being a highly skilled professional also meant that he had standards that he felt compelled to uphold. She knew his pride in his reputation and his word were important to him and counted on that to bind him to her wishes despite his obvious distaste with this unsavory task.

"I have every confidence in your ability to achieve success in this matter," she purred as she nipped at his lower lip.

He suddenly felt very cold as he turned his face away from her. This "matter" did not sit well with him. Of all the jobs he had undertaken and all the foes he had eliminated, none of them had ever been a child. But now he was trapped - he had given her his word. A quiet sigh escaped him as she lifted herself from his bed and gathered the wisps of fabric that passed for her clothing.

"Dawn is approaching. I must need go and attend to some pressing matters of my own. We shall speak again of this and then I shall reveal to you all that you will need to know." She let her lips graze the back of his neck as he gazed out the window at the indigo hues that seeped slowly across the still darkened sky.

Without another word, she slipped from his presence. With her departure, the sway she'd held over his mind cleared and shuddered as he thought of what he'd just done and how it bound him to complete this sordid deed. He laid back and let the softness of his bed envelope him in its comfort, but it was fully daylight outside his window before his tortured mind would succumb to the exhaustion that had drained his body.

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