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~:: Conversion - Chapter I::~

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The air in the underground cavern was cool and damp. A brisk crackling of electrical energy sparked in the heavy atmosphere. Unlike the normal light air currents, a sudden swirling of heavy mist formed and circled the form of the tall, lithe female - blissfully unaware - as she slept. Then, her awareness went from the black velvet nothingness to a painful, white-hot, blinding flash of energy in a split second. The wall of force hit her dead on as she lay curled silently in slumber, knocking her across the cavern and pinning her flat against the wall. Before her consciousness could form coherent thought, she felt her wrists wrapped in burning fire and her feet planted wide apart on the ground. When she opened her eyes, in the fuzzy unfocused haze of broken sleep, she was face to face with a horde of powerful beings.

She struggled to summon her own strength, to fight back against this invasion, but something was damping all her energies, leaving her weak and powerless. Suddenly, she heard a voice that sounded vaguely familiar, though she could not remember from where.

"You may wish to cease your struggle, young one,” the voice growled. "You are by far way out matched. Your struggles will only serve to make things harder on you and more enjoyable for us.”

He stepped forward from the shadows, looked her in the eye. He was enormous, taller than she was and well fleshed. His eyes glowed with raw power and aggression. She felt a small pang of fear rising in her throat, but lifted her chin and looked him in the eye.

"Why are you here?” she demanded. "What are you doing to me?”

He laughed wickedly. "We are breaking you in, princess.”

"You will be very sorry when my father hears of this.”

He came forward until his hot breath was in her nostrils and grabbed her by one of her thick, curved horns, jerking her head back violently and forcing her eyes to meet directly with his. ”Who do you think sent us here?” he snarled.

His words hit her like she'd been punched in the gut. She could tell from his eyes that he was telling the truth, and felt a surge of anger rising at this act of brutal manipulation.

"He knows you intend to abandon our ways and live in peace with the humans. We are going to rob your eternal soul of that peace and fill you with the rage that will drive you back to your father's side. Unless you'd like to come with us willingly,” he said, leering.

The bonds were burning her flesh as the sickeningly sweet smell of his hot breath made her stomach churn. She jerked her head violently, yanking herself from his grip, turned to him and spat forcefully in his face.

Before she could blink, he raised his fist and hit her with a bolt of energy that fired every single pain receptor in her body. She struggled to use the power of her mind to shut them down, but the pain continued to cascade over her in violent waves.

"My, aren't you the little firebrand,” he growled, grabbing one burning breast with his sharp clawed fingers. "You surely have a good deal of your father within you. And soon you will have a good deal of all of us within you.” He laughed loudly at his own attempt at humor, which set up a chorus of guffaws and catcalls from the minions.

"It is a really such a shame. On most occasions, when I take a human female," he mused, hissing the word "human" like it was the most distasteful thing in the universe, "I enter her mind, as well as her body, and force her to enjoy it. You, princess, do not get that luxury. Your taking is going to be violent and painful, so as to inspire you to new depths of hatred and rage."

She fought to maintain control over her emotions, knowing their goal was to provoke her into losing it. It wasn't easy. She felt the rising anger boiling up under the fire of pain and knew they'd only just begun. The human part of her cried out inwardly, but the half of her that she wanted to deny pressed her to let go of her rage. The rage will save you, it whispered wickedly to her. It will increase your powers a hundredfold. She shivered as she battled within herself. No, I must not give in, she steeled herself, grasping desperately to her resolve.

Suddenly, as if he could tell she was somehow gaining ground in her fight for control, the demon began running his hands over her body. They burned her flesh like fire, bringing the pain to a new more focused threshold. Now her anger could have a tangible target. He grabbed her hair and forced her to bring his face into focus.

"Go ahead. Hate me, princess," he snarled. "You know you want to. Let yourself go over the edge." He cupped her face in his hands. He had to hand it to her father. She was indeed an exquisite creature. She was destined to lure the hearts of foolish men to their destruction, yet refused to fulfill that destiny.

He grabbed her breasts and kneaded them roughly, causing her to wince in pain. Reaching around to the back of her neck, he bit her hard. She felt his fangs break skin and a warm trickle of blood. Again and again, he nipped at her. The bleeding would drain the life force from her human side, making her weak and easier to push beyond her limits of self-control.

Pulling every bit of her willpower together, she steeled herself against the assault. As the human half of her began to respond to the pain, she fought the feeling that she was spiraling out of control. She began to separate herself from the part of her that was weak, hurting and on fire. Suddenly a voice within her screamed, "No, you must not let go. That is what they want you to do!"

She knew she could detach and leave them toying with an empty shell. But to do that, she would have to leave the realm of the humans, and if they destroyed the human part of her, she might never be able to go back. She thought of the ones she loved, and a deep pain stabbed through her tender heart. It fired her up with a fierce determination, and against the pain, she embraced her human form and held fast in the face of the attack.

He sensed her shift in resolve, and was enraged. Grabbing her by the hair, he released the bonds that had her pinned upright, and threw her to the floor like a rag doll. Stunned but desperate, she rolled over and leapt to her knees, attempting to stand. He stretched out his hand, and she was engulfed in ring of fire, which burned hotly against her flesh and weakened her. He stepped into the circle, and brought a swift kick up under her ribs, winding her and dropping her onto her face on the now burning hot rock of the cave floor.

His cruel laugh boomed in her ears, as she gasped and writhed in pain.

"Come on, princess. Surrender to your hatred. Let it eat at your soul. You know you want to give in," his voice echoed.

Sucking just enough air to hiss out her reply, she cried hoarsely, "Never!"

"Suit yourself, bitch, but this is going to hurt you infinitely more than it hurts me," he screamed, with lust in his voice.

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