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~:: Redeemed Part I - Worlds Apart - Chapter I ::~

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It had already been a grueling day. A warehouse full of ninja wannabes, their skirt wearing sorcerer buddies, a few really noisy ancient spirits, and a cache of drugs made for a difficult assignment. It was not one she couldn't handle, but it had left her feeling drained.

And now, he was asking her to go see a new contact? She nodded her acquiescence, taking off at a dead run through the roughest neighborhoods in Skyway City, heading south to where a chopper waited for her.

After a brief conversation with the rather strange Longbow pilot, she was told to climb into the cargo bay along with a few other heroes. A few moments later, they were airborne and heading for the notorious Bloody Bay, at the outskirts of the Rogue Isles.

She'd heard a lot about the Rogue Isles. It was home to the dreaded Appolion. He was the son of her best friend, VuDu DawL. Tragically kidnapped at birth, he was raised in Cap au Diable by his demonic uncle. The villains there were different than the run of the mill bad guys she was used to battling. They were smarter. Trained under Lord Recluse, they were prophesied to be the “Destined Ones”. The thought sent a shiver down her spine.

So lost in thought was she, that she failed to notice they'd landed until the guy next to her put his hand on her leg. “Were you gonna disembark here, or were you waiting for everyone else to leave so we could be alone?” he leered.

She shot him a glare that would have frozen Hamidon himself in place. “Sorry, bub. Long day, and I still have a lotta work to do. Go find you a pretty little Carnie to play touchy feely with.” She grabbed his wayward hand and forcefully placed it on his own knee. Jumping to her feet she stretched, cat like, and sauntered out the bay door, and into the fading sunlight. Looking around, she saw the familiar red and white uniformed Longbow, patrolling the parapets of a large, fortified base. A woman in a white lab coat, and several Longbow officers were huddled around, talking. Walking over to them, she nodded politely to a petite, dark haired female in a Longbow officer's uniform, who extended her hand.

“I am Warzone Agent Eckman,” she said, brightly, as Silky introduced herself. “We are glad you decided to come to Bloody Bay. I know the name doesn't sound very welcoming, but we are here to do a job. There are citizens here to protect, and we need all the help we can get. Can I count on you?”

“Sure,” Silky muttered, not sure exactly why she'd been sent here.

“We've just had a huge influx of new heroes, so you can feel free to take a look around and see what you are getting yourself in to before you commit to accepting an assignment. Let me know when you are ready. The base is secure, we have guards, police drones, and state of the art automated artillery. But once you step out side the base, be careful. You just can't trust these villains.” Agent Eckman smiled broadly, which in light of her words, was unnerving.

Deciding to take the Agent's advice, she leapt over the parapets, and decided to scout out the area. She scanned the horizon for unfriendlies, and finding none, dove into the bay. The water actually felt good, after the sweat she'd worked up earlier. She fingered the talisman tucked into a small compartment beneath her belt, to reassure herself, and took off with powerful strokes toward the opposite shore.

After swimming a few hundred yards, she found a deserted stretch of beach, and pulled herself onto the beach. It appeared she was under some sort of boardwalk. She cautiously crept further into the shaded alcove, her senses tuned to the slightest sight, smell or sound. Rounding a corner, she groaned softly. It appeared the Circle of Thorns were nearby, for one of their specters was wafting back and forth across the sand, as though he were expecting someone.

Silently, she closed her eyes, and willed her katana into her hands. Her talisman glowed red as the katana materialized in her hand. She eyed the ghost carefully, waiting for the opportune moment, when suddenly, she saw a blur of motion, and heard the sound of an unearthly scream. The ghost was gone, and she stood there, unscathed.

Rubbing her eyes, she struggled to focus on the area where she'd seen a vague outline of someone. Suddenly, he was standing right in front of her. He startled her so badly she fell backwards, dropping her katana. She focused, the talisman glowed, and the katana quickly faded from sight as she stood and brushed the sand from her taut bottom.

“What are you doing here?” he asked, in a deep voice.

“I am on patrol, checking out the area for Agent Eckman,” she answered, hesitantly.

He eyed her up and down, as if he were assessing her. “I am afraid I don't believe you. Do you have some identification?”

She shivered, and pulled out her security ID, slowly handing it to him. He glanced over it, and handed it back. “This could be easily forged. What is your mission here?”

“I…I…I don't have one.”

“Then what are you doing here? I thought you said Agent Eckman sent you?” he asked, raising his voice only slightly. “Up against the wall. I am going to have to arrest you. Assume the position.”

Dutifully, she turned and faced the wall, planting her hands above her head, and widening her stance. She started to turn her head, as she felt him slip up behind her. “Keep your eyes forward,” he demanded. Facing the wall, she knew he was close enough that she could feel his breath on the back of her shoulders.

He began to run his hands over her, starting at her sides, and then moving to the front, where he groped her chest firmly. She winced at his touch as his hands dropped lower, stopping at her belt. Realizing he was going over the same areas, again and again, she stiffened at his touch.

“You have a weapon on you. I saw it. I intend to find where you are hiding it. Since I cannot locate it, I am afraid I am going to have to do a cavity search.”

“Lose the belt,” he demanded.

“But…” She knew without her talisman, she would have no magic to protect herself. An uneasy fear settled in the pit of her stomach. She still wasn't sure if she'd unknowingly broken some rule, and was trying to do her best to cooperate with his authority, but giving up her powers was something she didn't do easily.

“Do it now,” he said, with a hint of a snarl in his voice.

She hesitated. “Why are you doing this?” she asked.

“I told you. I am looking for that katana you had a moment ago.”

She reached down and unfastened the belt, and let it drop the ground. He continued running his hands over her, ignoring the belt. She found it odd, that he didn't seem concerned with inspecting the belt, but held her tongue. Then his hand snaked up the inside of her thigh, and paused to firmly rub circles over her thinly covered sex.

“I don't believe you,” she finally blurted, indignantly. “You aren't searching me. You are groping me. I want to see your badge.”

“My badge?” he asked, in an ominous tone.

“Yeah, your badge. The badge that gives you the authority to search me like this.”

She was still facing the wall and heard rather than saw the whisper of cold metal being unsheathed, before she could spin around and react.

“THIS gives me the authority to do as I please with you,” he snarled.

She jumped back and grabbed for her belt, on the ground at her feet. The talisman glowed in her fingers, she summoned her katana, and widened her stance to fend off his attack.

“You are a VILLAIN,” she cried.

“Very astute, but not quite quick enough,” he laughed, as he vanished right before her eyes.

Oh, this is not looking good, she told herself. I can't hit what I can't see. Focus, Silky, she told herself. Use your instincts.

The blow came before she knew what hit her. She dropped to her knees as a blinding flash of pain coursed through her. As she gasped for breath, he brought his katana around, and struck her again.

She lay motionless for a moment, only the heaving of her sides indicating that she was still able to draw breath. Tears stung her eyes as she waited for the final blow. It never came. Her belt lay beside her, where she'd dropped it. He gave it a firm kick, and she heard it clatter against the concrete wall somewhere behind her.

“Now, I think you should realize that you cannot possibly win. Be sensible and do not force me to hurt you further.” She felt his strong grip on her arm, as he practically lifted her to her feet. “Back up against the wall. Now.”

Part of her wanted to fight. Part of her wanted to flee. But logic kicked in, and she realized there was no way to defend herself against him. Resigning herself, she stumbled weakly towards the wall, bracing herself with her hands.

She was trembling as he stepped behind her, and resumed his gentle assault between her soft thighs. “I need to complete this cavity search. Lose the bottoms,” he ordered.

“No!” she cried, “this is a one piece outfit! Please don't make me take it off.”

He let out an evil laugh, blowing his hot breath in her ear as he pressed himself tight against her back. “Take it off, now. Or, I can cut it from your body. It does not matter to me. Either way, it will come off.”

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